Avengers 2, Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

The announcement on Tuesday personally made a difficult day that much easier to get through. It always helps to get through problems knowing there is something awesome on the horizon. We’ve been lucky to learn that Joss is signed to exclusively work with Marvel for the next three years, and he gets a TV show out of the deal too. I just think apparently Marvel felt nerds didn’t have enough reason to be doing this all week, so they had to sweeten the pot.


“Get your ass to Mars”

This week I watched Total Recall for the first time. I have a habit of avoiding Arnold movies whenever possible, excluding the first two Terminator films. Whenever someone mentioned Total Recall, the first thing that ever came to mind was always one of those Conan bits with the still photos, and impersonators mouths being all you could see. It was shortly after Arnold was elected as the Governator of California, and Conan mentioned something about pardons, to which “Arnold” responded “Oh, yes, pardons, I love to pardon! I pardoned the movies ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Last Action Hero.'” With the remake coming to theatres this week I felt it was finally time to sit down and suffer, especially since Bunny was surprised I’d never seen it.

The first thing that was obvious was that it was painfully an 80’s film. This and Arnold’s signature style are the two things that hold the movie back to me the most. What shocked me was how the film itself was a very solid sci-fi film. Sure, the source material being written by Phillip K. Dick probably had something to do with that. But what really surprises me is how it has aged fairly well. The film has enough solid performances and Arnold’s only really feels off when in prerecorded videos. I’d bet that you could redo the soundtrack and the movie would suddenly feel much newer.

The remake seems completely unnecessary to me. Sure, I think done slightly differently this movie could’ve been truly epic, but now that it’s been done once you have to be very careful how you do it a second time. I’m probably not going to see the remake in theatres, but once it’s out on home video I’ll rent it. What I fear the most is that they will have turned it into another boring action movie. Jessica Biel was on the Daily Show this week and seemed to imply changes that take away things I thought the original had going for it. A remake for the sake of purely making more money is the worst kind of film. Any remake to not be garbage needs to contribute something. Case in point: Casino Royale, Star Trek (XI), and Batman Begins. All three films told fantastic stories. What the new Total Recall has to add if anything remains to be seen.

And now I believe Curiosity is about to either land safely next to or crash spectacularly into the pyramid mine. Here’s hoping for a safe landing.