So Say We All

I didn’t post anything in November. That’s almost entirely because I was too busy watching Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome over and over again.


If you’re unfamiliar with what I speak, Blood & Chrome was supposed to be the pilot for a BSG spinoff series, announced around the same time that Comcast bought SciFi, renamed it SyFy, and begun cancelling every show without an absurd profit margin (anything that wasn’t reality TV, save Warehouse 13). The first to fall was Caprica, which might have been doomed anyway. Next Eureka and Stargate were axed, and the word on whether Blood & Chrome was still happening was unclear. Filmed two years ago, what we have now is a 2-hour tv-movie (series pilot) being released on YouTube in 7-10 minute episode chunks, with the entire product airing February 19th on “SyFy.”

One of the frightening things is how cheap CGI has become when compared with building normal sets. To that end, Blood & Chrome is done almost entirely with green screen. Here’s a shot of Galactica’s CIC.


Now that the show can be made more cheaply, depending on YouTube views and Blu-Ray/DVD sales, they’re hoping to be able to do additional TV-movies or make an actual series, be it online or broadcast. The one complaint I’ve heard about Blood & Chrome consistently? There’s not enough of it yet. Here’s episode 1. Good hunting.