Draft Archive: “Food Poisoning FTW”

Oh look this one is over two years old. I’m pretty sure this was supposed to become a more scathing criticism of the US health care system in general, considering how long we were paying bills for the fact that Liam was born at all. It’s amusing that in this story Bunny was pregnant and I think we noticed a few days later. Also I wish the kids would sit in the stroller long enough to do this walk with the dog again.

Sunday is the day where Bunny and I are both home from work. It’s a day to buy things we need to survive as well as catch up on things that need to happen around the house. In an attempt to give Bunny some free time to do her own thing, this past Sunday I took Liam and the dog out for a 3-mile walk. It’s a walk I used to do with the dog all the time and rarely if ever have the chance to these days. It was a nice walk and despite Liam’s best attempts we didn’t lose any of his belongings on the excursion. Upon returning home Bunny had accomplished something she’d been trying to do all week, and both kid and dog went down for naps. It was time for a late lunch.

Lunch did not go down so well, which became increasingly apparent over time. After lying down on the couch for hours I tried to go upstairs to use the bathroom. By the time I’d sat down I knew the battle had been lost, and the prisoner that was my lunch was about to make a jailbreak. That was about as fun as it usually is. However at one point there was fairly clear evidence of blood amid the chaos, and it was time to go to the ER to make sure nothing else was wrong.

Three hours and two tests later food poisoning is definitely the culprit and not the stomach flu the hospital is seeing A LOT OF and my brother is apparently coming down with at this same moment. We get anti-nausea meds and go to leave, where I’m asked if I want to pay the copay now or get a bill. Having just the night before made an emergency hardware purchase, I truthfully say I don’t know what’s in my bank account right now and to send me a bill.

I currently have the highest tier medical insurance offered by my employer, and I know last night will cost me $100 for just showing up. Then there will be (at least) two tests, two bags of IV fluid and two IV doses of the anti-nausea med they sent me home with. I expect the bill to be around $500-700. Seriously, fuck health care in this country.

The bill was something like $800. Stupid blood in my vomit from my throat being irritated.


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