Write your elected officials

After this weekend’s violence I can’t stand the thought that we’ll continue to do nothing to address this issue. And while my elected officials have proven time and again to be on the same page as me on this issue, I felt compelled to contact them anyway, and I urge you to do the same. I’ll even make it easy for you. Below are the links to contact your representatives in the House and Senate, as well as the letter I sent this morning to all three of my elected officials in Congress. Change it as appropriate or just copy-paste it if you want.

House of Representatives

United States Senate

Representative and Senators,

After what happened yesterday I need to talk to you about gun violence despite your records on it. I need to make sure I’ve done what I’m asking others to do when their elected officials would think differently. I can’t process what occurred early Sunday morning, and it’s impairing my ability to function normally. I can’t understand why so very many of these events have happened without Anything being accomplished to deal with them. And I can’t handle the thought that nothing still will be done after this massacre.

The road from where we are now and where we need to be is long, and I’m sure we all  want to get there, but we need to START DRIVING no matter what gear we can get the car into for now. We know the majority of Americans want universal background checks. From what we know now it sounds like that alone wouldn’t have helped specifically this time, but it’s a start we can all agree on.

Next there are three things we SHOULD do that there will be more debate on. The fact that the most lethal gun in the world was an 18th century musket when the Bill of Rights was written should be taken into account, and an assault weapons ban implemented. There is no good reason for any citizen to have an AR-15 that functions when it can do so much harm. We also need to make sure DOMESTIC VIOLENCE offenders cannot purchase guns. With either of these laws in place yesterday’s shooter wouldn’t have had legal access to one or both firearms he had on Sunday.

And finally we need to permit the CDC to study gun violence and supply them with adequate funding to do so. I know the counter argument is that the CDC has nothing to do with guns, which is why the ban was implemented to begin with. But gun violence IS a disease in this country, and it’s claiming half of my town’s population (25,000) nationwide each year. If all those deaths happened in one place we would be horrified, and we should be no less horrified when it happens spread out by distance and time.

Thank you for your time.