“Why didn’t anyone stop Hitler?”

I’ll try to make this brief. Nobody wants me to talk about this but it needs to be said and you need to hear me out even if you don’t agree.

If you’re not white, Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign has put your life in actual fucking danger. And somehow, he’s probably going to be the nominee of a major political party. How we got here is important but isn’t what I’m here to talk about. If you care at all for the lives of your fellow citizens, you owe it to them to vote for whomever is on the top of the Democratic ticket in November, even if that is Hillary Clinton.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton and I haven’t for years. I’m not going to list why, but she’s never my first choice for anything. I know many voters can’t stand her or outright hate her, but this election you need to do your duty for your country and do whatever it takes to stop Trump. Even if that means voting for Clinton, and even if that goes against everything you would normally believe. The hate and violence being spawned by Trump has led to beating and murders already. Neighborhoods with no recent issues of racism are having problems, and there is a very, very real likelihood that it will get worse before it gets better.

If you’re having problems with the thought of voting for Clinton, call up any non-white (or Muslim) friend and ask them how they feel about Trump’s campaign. And then ask yourself if their safety is less important than voting for the “lesser evil.”