(Fake) Downtime

I have a spare moment to myself, and while I really should just immediately go to bed (work in under six hours) my brain is still in at least third gear and refusing to downshift. If I could remember what I’d thought of writing here earlier in the week I could actually be productive, but no dice.

Instead here’s a quick recap of shit you can see on twitter. Yes I managed to some how find time to see Ant-Man, and yes I mean it when I said I agreed with Scott Kurtz’s assessment of the film.

TLDR is I liked it but I feel guilty for liking it because I can see so many obvious flaws where the movie could’ve improved itself by leaps and bounds if the writers were only willing to go in the correct direction.

For a good long while I’ve been planning on replacing a bookshelf in my kitchen with a cabinet in order to have less things at dog danger level, and this seemed like a good idea to implement before I have a fully-mobile infant. Right now he’s only capable of R-movements (rotate, roll and reverse). Anyway, eventually I’ll do a proper write up on the cabinet’s journey from rectangle to trapezoid.