PAX East

soldoutToday was the day I’ve been waiting for actively for months. The day tickets for PAX went on sale. Despite everything I did to ensure I could get badges, I had to walk the dogĀ at the wrong moment, and when I got to my computer I saw badges had gone on sale a few minutes earlier. I immediately freak and select my badges, only to receive an error message telling me there is a problem with my selection, as “3-day passes are no longer available.”

Leading up to today I’ve been reflecting on PAX in general, especially with the skyrocketing price and shrinking availability of badges. $95 per person is not something I think I can continue to afford simply for admission, and over the past several years I’ve remarked on how I would’ve been unable to get tickets if I had been working at the time. Factor in other things and attending at all starts to seem less and less worthwhile. I didn’t think it was possible that tickets could sell out faster than they did last year when they outright announced the time in advance. I was wrong. As I write this Saturday passes are probably selling out and it’s not even an hour yet.

Assuming prices DO NOT increase again next year (which is an extremely foolish assumption), I’m only planning on trying to go a maximum of two days. The third day will simply be spent in the comfort of my own home with as many of my PAX friends that I can convince to come here and play games for free without the cover charge and parking fees. We spend most of our time in Tabletop HQ anyway, and it’s not like there’s a game out there worth playing that Suzi doesn’t own. I’ve got Twitch for the main theatre and if I’m lucky for the other panels I’d want to see.

I’m glad I’d been kinda working on this plan before today. I’ve never been unable to get 3-day badges before, and I’ve certainly never had tickets going on sale ruin my day until now. Now I can say with certainty that this will be my last full-PAX for the foreseeable future. I just hope that Saturday passes for 2016 don’t sell out in 30 minutes.