An open reply to all the political spam in my inbox

20140912-102211.jpgDear everyone filling up my inbox on an hourly basis,

Your constant demands for money will get you nowhere. Yes I may have contributed to your campaigns in the past. Yes I may support most of or all of your causes. But what you fail to realize is out here in the real world I can’t afford to give you any money. Before I had rent to worry about, I had a lot of disposable income, so you were able to sway me. Now in my world I have a mortgage, the sewer bill that just came in, my wife out of work on medical leave with reduced pay, a kid on the way, and Winter is Coming. Disposable income is rapidly becoming a thing of the past for me, so until you fix the wealth inequality in the country, kindly fuck off. You’re making it harder to spot bills.


Rob Hanlon