The “Joker” Moreau Cosplay Story

It’s funny what buying a house will do to your plans and related schedules. I just now accidentally clicked on an old post promising a proper cosplay chronicle that never happened. Here I am today to finally write that post and to backdate it to where it should’ve happened.


Everyone who has ever met me or my wife knows that we are suckers for the entire contents of BioWare’s online store. She isn’t often seen during her time off without an N7 logo on every part of her body. One day during our very, very many browsings through the store, she comes across Joker’s hat from Mass Effect 2, and says she could see me with that. I respond “Fuck no, those are Cerberus colors! Maybe when they eventually release the Alliance ME3 version.” several months later they did exactly that, and the idea for my next PAX cosplay was born.

I wasn’t crazy enough to try and pull off Joker’s Alliance uniform form ME3 exactly (cosplay doesn’t have to be perfect, but I am obsessive) so I tried to think about what I could do that would feel and look right but be significantly less of a hassle. I decided I wanted to create a Joker version of Shep’s N7 hoodie casual outfit in-game. This outfit exists because they gave the character the same hoodie they’d been selling online for years, so the first step was to create a Joker hoodie. I had to think about what I thought the Alliance Navy would provide, and eventually came up with this.
Alliance logo with ship registry, and the soldier’s last name, the logo style is based off of Vega’s t-shirt. I realized only too late that I should’ve done a t-shirt at the same time, but I wasn’t paying for the shipping on that twice.

Next I wanted dog tags (pictured at the top). I’m not entirely happy with how these turned out when I compare them to other in-game assets, but for a standalone piece of cosplay they turned out very well. The info on them is based off of data from the game, the wiki, and screen grabs of Shep’s dog tags. I figured it would also be damn important for his disease to be listed on his tags just in case.

Next came the hard part; the bottom half of the outfit. Despite how it looks in the game most of the time, the pants for the alliance uniform are grey, not blue. Once I finally proved that (thank you Citadel DLC) I grabbed boots and grayscale camo pants from the army surplus store. I also grabbed a pair of black pants to modify into the utility half of the pants. Decided to do this as two separate pieces means I can use it with other pants and have the full Shep casual cosplay as well.

Unfortunately I have few in progress photos. For the utility section, the belt is a separate piece as well, and I grabbed four pockets designed to go onto a belt from the surplus store and sewed them onto the pants section. I traced on the pants where I wanted the final edges to be and cut them accordingly, leaving enough room to fix it if I screwed up. Pinned into shape, I then cut the extra fabric I didn’t need and erased the lines. I had tried to use fabric glue for the pockets but that didn’t work well, so they are a mixture of stitched on and glued on. Doing this with finished pockets was difficult and I probably would’ve been better off making the pockets myself, but I wanted them to be durable and have utility for the show so I could carry less in a bag. Also it has been practically useful as a weird bulky tool belt.

For the straps I went with advice I got from the blog of an N7 armor cosplayer: buy surplus belts instead of straps and clips; far cheaper to repurpose the belts than to buy the materials to make it from scratch.



That’s all I have for now since I don’t have any photos of the full outfit. I should retake the pants photos too. Eventually I may fix that but this post is years overdue at this point.


House Saga, Fall Edition

The fall is always very good at both making you love how many trees you have around your home, and then a week later hate the same trees as they can’t stop shedding all over the place.


My town does this interesting program for leaf collection. We are not allowed to bag our leaves, but instead we must pile them curbside for our designated pickup week. They will show up with a vacuum that will take away the leaves but none of the stuff you’re not supposed to put in the bags anyway like branches and stumps and the like. I’m not the biggest fan but I can understand why they do it this way.

The biggest problem with this method is getting the leaves to the curb. Since I’ve never had to do this before, I spent two days raking large portions of my yard towards the front for the eventual collection, trying to get it done before it had to be done, and before I’d complain too loudly about how cold I was doing it. A week later I spotted a neighbor pulling a tarp covered in leaves to the front, upturning it, and going back to work. It’s been a while since I felt quite that stupid. I bought a tarp the next day, and after turning the difficulty from nightmare down to casual, accomplished in an hour what had taken me three hours in previous days. And that was only due to high winds stealing the tarp before I could weigh it down properly.


They asked us to not pile the leaves under low-hanging branches, but it wasn’t until the truck came by (three weeks late) until I understood that by “low” they meant “under 20 feet.” Next year I’ll make sure it’s further from the tree…


On the interior front, it has always been a priority to get flooring down in the attic before the winter so it could be utilized for storage. Since the future will probably include a finished attic, I am determined to start the process off correctly so that I won’t have to undo anything later. This has led to an annoying amount of planning and not much getting accomplished, but I did cut the majority of the floor boards and put them into place. Even if I can’t secure them for a while, it’s nice to not have to worry about falling through the ceiling anymore. Before I can go any further, I need to finish any wiring changes to the second (or third) floor and decide whether that vestigial chimney is coming out for a proper stairwell. Bunny likes to point out I’m using that word a lot, but with a house this old it’s bound to apply more than once.


This brings us to present day on the housework front. Now next time maybe I can actually write about video games or Agents of SHIELD or something.