“I’m Dr. Zoidberg: Homeowner!”

ImageTrying to write after being awake for all but 14 of the last 88 hours is probably no the best of ideas. For instance it leads to typos like that, or is my brain just getting dumber?

If ever possible, do not give yourself — nor let anyone else give you — negative 3 hours to move. That’s 3 hours between when you have to be out of your current place and until you’re allowed in the new one. Also, take a week off around the whole damn thing, maybe even on both sides. Otherwise you’ll want to work, deal with the moving stuff, and sleep, and you’ll only have time for two of those. I experience pain so you don’t have to.

Buying a house is really fucking weird. I mean moving in general is weird, and it’s hard to get used to a new place, but in this case nothing really seems real. It feels more like a vacation at Spa 5 complete with manual labor, what with the lifting and the painting and the more painting and the oh god make the painting stop and all that. But then, after shit gets painted you can actually start putting your stuff where it belongs, and you look around and suddenly this isn’t a forced labor camp, it’s your fucking house. Getting to that point completely is going to be interesting, especially since I keep making that mistake where I sit down. That mistake is utterly unforgiving. It probably cost me an hour of sleep tonight, but at least it gave you something to read.

And now for what might be the most embarrassing moment of the entire move; I just realized that this is the first time I’ve been without a LAN wired into jacks in the walls where I live since I was ten years old. TEN. And that is going to make living here feel like camping until I get it finished and set up. That has to be the biggest first world problem I have ever encountered.