NFL Fail

ImageWeek 3 of the NFL season is almost over, and each passing week has seen more and more atrocities on the field by the substitute referees. It’s hard not to call them scabs, but it’s a paying job and you can’t blame them for trying to make a living. They’re honestly trying hard and doing their best, but oh my fucking gods is their best sorely lacking.

On Week 1 I was fairly impressed as the only blatantly missed or messed up call during the Patriots game was a no-call on pass interference against McCourty in the endzone. It meant the Titans had to settle for a field goal when they potentially could’ve had a touchdown, but in a 34-13 game it didn’t make much of a difference. And then I watched the San Francisco vs Green Bay game, where it became clear that while maybe things weren’t as bad as the preseason, the replacement refs still weren’t up to par.

Week 2 was even more frustrating. The Cardinals vs Patriots game was aggravating, but the worst part by far was the holding call on Gronkowski for a legal block that cancelled out the game-winning touchdown by Danny Woodhead. Knowing that your team lost fair and square is one thing, but to see refs take a win away from you is an entirely different matter. Last week was a rough week to get through. I saw enough of the Jets vs Steelers game to think that the refs there weren’t getting out alive without FBI escorts, and that was a game the Steelers won despite the refs’ best efforts.

Today the situation was clearly out of hand right off the bat. I know the NHL is in a lockout, but that doesn’t mean we need fighting in NFL games to compensate. The refs seemed afraid to get in and separate people when they started going at it. And then on the second play of the game there was a no-call, what it was at this point I don’t even remember as I’m repressing the game apparently. All I remember is rage. It took forever for the refs to throw any flags at all, and once they did they were getting far more wrong than right. They called another BS holding call on Gronkowski this week that the commentators watching a replay clearly saw was another legal block, and that was the first of many. The commentators eventually got speechless, then started laughing, and eventually starting talking about how badly we needed the real refs back. The officiating was so bad that I don’t have the slightest idea who deserved to win tonight. I don’t even know if the final fucking field goal was good. It sure as hell looked wide on the angle they showed the first time.

I’m going to go off on a tangent there. Apparently if a kick goes over the uprights it is NOT reviewable. Seriously? What the fuck? Aren’t ALL scoring plays supposed to be properly reviewed? If this is accurate it needs to be changed. Not knowing whether that kick was good or not is going to bother me for a long time. Secondly, icing the kicker is a dick move, and it should be a penalty.

The thing that drives me insane is that no matter how bad these guys get the NFL doesn’t give a shit. They refs suck? They yell at coaches for pointing it out and ask them to be more respectful. Steve Young said it best when he said that the NFL is just too big a money making machine for the replacement refs to damage enough to bring the real refs back. People will still buy tickets, merchandise, and they’ll still watch the games, so nothing is gonna happen. Fuck that shit. These replacement refs are just too out of their league, and they’re ruining the game.

I am not going to watch a single game or buy any NFL products of any kind until the lockout is over and the true NFL refs are back at work. I can’t take the bullshit these replacements are dealing out anymore, and neither can the city of Baltimore. I know I’m not the only one calling for a rematch of tonight’s game with actual fucking referees instead of these pinstripe clowns we’ve been suffering through, and I encourage anyone and everyone else who has been disgusted by what’s happening to be vocal about their displeasure and to hit them where it hurts on their bottom line. “Not watch FOOTBALL?!” you may ask? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen any football worth watching in weeks, and it’s really depressing to think how long it could be until I do again.

EDIT 9/25: Monday Night Football proudly presents a touchdown catch by the transitive property, in which Jennings caught an interception, but Tate caught Jennings, and therefore has the ball…???