The Fall of the Jedi

I haven’t been writing much lately, what with the two big things being politics (which both suck AND holds the record for “least interesting post I’ve written”) and a game I can’t talk about. What does that leave us? Star Wars.


If you are a human above the age of 20, then you are probably very familiar with all three Star Wars films. If you’re younger than that, you may try to claim that the last Star Wars film was released after 1983. Like so many others, I feel very sad that the prequel trilogy was such a missed opportunity and such a severe drop in quality. Lucas may have had great ideas, but without being filtered and refined by others, his work has shown to fall short of its potential. Fear not, for our savior has arrived.


Welcome to, where films that weren’t good enough the first time around get a second chance at a decent life. It’s no small surprise that the prequel trilogy features prominently here. Each edit has its own intentions and approaches, but the cream of the crop has to be user Q2‘s Fall of the Jedi trilogy. Q2 went through the films and cut as much of the badly-directed acting as he could, and eliminated as many inconsistencies with the Original Trilogy as possible. The Phantom Menace didn’t have much left of its first act once all the filler was removed, so it feels a little rushed. That’s the only criticism I have. Q2 has taken the steaming pile that was the prequel trilogy and has made me no longer ashamed these films exist.

We will never get the movies that the prequels should have been. It’s not going to happen. But Q2 has given us the closest we will ever receive. Yes, Jar-Jar is still there, but half his lines are missing, and almost all of his trying to make an infant laugh are removed. I no longer hate the character with every fiber of my very being. It’s WEIRD. The pod race now has no commentary, Jake Lloyd has no childish screams that are out of character, and characters aren’t beating trade disputes over our heads again and again. The principle of “Less is More” has been applied with great success, saving the romance story in Attack of the Clones from certain doom. I strongly encourage anyone who has ever been disappointed by Lucasfilm’s official cuts to watch these films and see what could’ve been.


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